This is Ron in his shack. Beside him you see his home made 1920s receiver, it still works today and he can receive amateur LF signals on it. Also in the picture is Ron's main LF receiver, the B28.

the shack

Here is the part of the shack where LF reigns supreme. The FT101 merely serves as a PSU, the 2xQQVO6-40 LF PA is beside it. Above the '101 is the LF QRP rig built by Steve GW4ALG which drives the PA. A matching coil can also be seen and, top-right, the thermocouple meters measuring aerial current.

the mast

The view from Ron's back window shows the 35ft wooden mast. The vertical wires run up from the loading coil at the base to the three top wires, two of which come back over the house and one runs down to the hedge at the bottom of the garden.

Ron's aerial

This view looks back towards the house from the base of the mast.

the coil

Everyone seems to have a coil in a plastic dustbin, this is Ron's. It took him quite some time to make and is indeed a fine example of the breed. Ron reckons the system is very stable and doesn't need re-tuning.