Ed Lesnichy (RU6LA) and three others set up the first Russian LF station to work out of the country. They used a 135m tower at Machta from which they supported an inverted L antenna. They operated with the club call RU6LWZ, from a converted refrigerated van.

Ed prepares to ascend..

Here is Ed, RU6LA, with the 10kg coil of wire which will become the antenna.

The team

The rest of the team in the shack. UA6LV, UA6LO (chief RU6LWZ) and UA6LFQ. Behind them are the many coils of wire used for the 1km receive aerial!

A clear view

The view from the top of the tower at Machta in summer-time.

The cool shack

The van they used as a mobile shack. You can see the coiul suspended from a handy tree just outside the door.

The operating position

Here is the shack inside the van, with TS850 and PC for QRSS.

The valve PA

This is the splendid valve PA, based on an audio amp, which produced the 100W RF.