UA0LE expedition. March 2004

the tower

Here is the tower from which the expedition operated. UA9OC points the way

The team arriving

Here is the team arriving at the site. From left to right, RL0LGH, UA0LE, UA9OC.

putting out the beverage

UA6LA braves the snowy woods to lay out one of the Beverage receiving antennas.

laying more beverages

And here's UA9OC with another reel of wire for the Beverage receive antennas.

in the shack during the ZM2E contact

The team in the shack during the ZM2E QSO. Left to right: UA0LE, UA9OC, RU6LA, RU0LGH.

Ed with the loading coil

Here's Ed with the loading coil which was suspended outside for maximum Q.

looking towards ZL

The view from the top of the tower towards ZL.