the aerial

A view of my antenna from the North side. It's difficult to get a decent picture because I'm surrounded by buildings, this is taken from the car park of the flats next door. I have drawn the wire in, it's too thin to show up in the compressed picture!

a tree

A view of the antenna from the back garden (West). The mast is supported by the fir tree and the wire passes over the top and then over the roof of the house in the background. You can see the new ATU hut under the hedge.

the wobbly hut

Here is the new ATU hut built from Do It All's best plastic sheet. The open-wire line drops straight down into here and is switched to the LF ATU or the open line back to the shack.

shut that door!

Inside the hut sits the good old coil which used to reside in the outside toilet, with the variometer and current meter on top. The huge vacuum relays are at the top on the right but you can't see them in this view.