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  • Here is an archive of LF news from 1999 to 2015. For up to date information I suggest joing the LF news group at https://groups.io/g/rsgb-lf-group

    To look back though the archives start here.

  • LF News, 28th April 2015

    • 28/4. FCC proposes to allow 136 and 472kHz. The FCC has (finally!) allocated a new LF band, 135.7 to 137.8 kHz, to the Amateur Service on a secondary basis. Allocation of the 2.1 kHz segment, was in accordance with the Final Acts of the 2007 WRC. The Commission has also proposed a new secondary allocation at 472 to 479 kHz to Amateur Radio, implementing decisions made at the 2012 WRC. No Amateur Radio operation will be permitted in either band until the FCC determines, on the basis of comments, the specific Part 97 rules it must frame to permit operation in the new bands.

    • 7/4. New UK licence includes 472kHz. The new licence which comes into force today includes the 472kHz band for all "full" licence holders. There is no longer any need to apply for a "Notice Of Variation". Foundation and Intermediate licences don't have 472kHz but they do include 136kHz as before.

    • 21/3. Eclipse experiments. As the solar eclipse passed to the north of the UK many propagation experiments took place to watch out for changes in conditions during the event. Unsurprisingly, paths to the north of the UK were most affected whereas paths to the east and south showed only small changes.

    • Sticky. List of countries with a 472kHz allocation. Thanks to Rik ON7YD. (updated Feb 2014) please keep me informed of updates!

      Australia (01/01/2013)
      Canada (01/05/14)
      Czech Republic (01/09/2012 ?) - special licence(s)
      Denmark (01/01/2013)
      Finland (26/03/2013)
      France (12/03/2014)
      Germany (13/06/2012)
      Greece (01/11/2012)
      Hungary (01/12/2014) (2 stns - special permits)
      Iceland (06/01/2013
      Italy (08/02/2013)
      Malta (11/06/2012)
      Monaco (18/05/2012)
      Netherlands (01/01/2013)
      New Zealand (20/12/2012)
      Norway (30/10/2012)
      Philippines (30/08/2012)
      Poland (Feb 14)
      Slovakia (01/09/2012 ?) - special licence(s)
      Spain (12/05/2013)
      Sweden (01/10/2012) - special licence(s)
      Switzerland (01/01/2013)
      United Kingdom (01/01/2013)


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