Operating QRSS is rather simple, just a few 'specialities' : -

QRSS segment (unofficial) is 137.600 - 137.800, most activity is between 137.700 and 137.750

Keep your CQ's short : eg. CQ G3XXX K not CQ CQ CQ G3XXX G3XXX G3XXX PSE K

Report system is the TMO system :

T=signal traces seen but not good enough for a QSO

M=weak signal but good enough for a QSO

O=perfect copy

Some practical tips :

During a QSO (once you are sure that both stations have the calls OK) you can use the suffixes instead of complete calls.

If you see the end of a QSO and you want to contact one of the stations you can start calling this station while is previous QSO is going on, just call on another frequency.

If replying to a CQ it is good to call NOT exactly on the caller's frequency, this will avoid QRM in case more than 1 station is responding.

Good luck with QRSS Rik ON7YD