LF convention 2000.

LF enthusiasts from all over the place gathered at the RSGB HF convention this year at Windsor. There was the usual LF Forum conducted by John G3WKL, a talk on portable operation by G3YXM and a round up of the achievements so far on 73kHz by G3XDV.

G0MRF received the Nevada cup for his innovation and general helpfulness to LFers. David was also presented with a Peter Bobek award for his trans-Atlantic crossband contact with VE1ZJ, and with a bottle of Champagne!.

G4GVC received a special LF operators award for his encouragement to newcomers on the band.


Picture by G0AKY.

Here is David G0MRF having just been presented with the Nevada cup by Mike G3SED.

more stuff?

Picture by PA0SE.

David then got a Peter Bobek award and a bottle of bubbly presented by Andre' N4ICK. These were to mark the first Trans-Atlantic LF signals on 136kHz.

CQ again

Picture by PA0SE.

This is Geri DK8KW at the controls of G3XTZ's Racal receiver. Pity we couldn't hear much through all the computer QRM....

the crew

Picture by PA0SE.

In the grounds of the conference centre (with beer..). From left: G3XTZ, G3YXM, G3GRO, M0BMU and that man again.....

how much are these?

Picture by G3NYK.

Here we have (from left) Wil PA0BWL, Geri DK8KW and Andre' N1ICK examining some Russian RF ammeters.

evil in tent..?

Picture by G0AKY.

In the LF "tent" we see, Jim M0BMU (back to camera), ? and PA0SE (in background), me, G3OLB, ? and PA0BWL.

John gets plaque

Picture by G0AKY.

John G4GVC is suitably delighted to receive his special award from John G3WKL.


Picture by G0AKY.

Alan G3NYK presenting his propagation study results during the "Portable / transatlantic" forum.

Jasmine Room

Picture by G0AKY.

An attentive audience during one of the LF talks in the Jasmine room.