GU 2000

Here are some outline plans for the GU trip.

We arrive on the island on Friday afternoon but will probably use the afternoon to explore the antenna possibilities rather that getting on the air.


Near Vale on the NW corner of the island.


On 136 band, 136.8 for normal CW and 137.72 for QRSS +/- Loran QRM (will have DDS).

On 73 band, 71.650. QRSS and CW.

Crossband listening on 10.143MHz (to avoid contest QRM), other frequencies by arrangement. Will call CQ with "XK" at the end when listening on HF as well as LF.


Saturday, from as soon as we can, probably 1000utc (earlier if its good kite-flying weather!) until we get fed-up. Mostly 136.

Sunday, similar times, this is our top-priority, if we don't come on on Sunday morning there'll be a good reason! We will QSY to 73KHz at 1700 hrs


My mobile phone number is +44 7976 833 839. Text messages are welcome on this number. You can use Lycos free service to send them, it only took a minute or so to reach my phone when I tried it. Enter the number in UK form on Lycos (07976 833 839).

I can also receive e-mails via the phone but it seems slow and costs me 6p each so use it sparingly and keep 'em short.... the address is

We will also be able to post messages to the reflector and will read the reflector messages on a daily basis.


Will either be kite-supported vertical or mast-supported inverted L on the beach.

Reception will be via small active loops in order to null-out the Loran from Lessay. If you get lost in the null please be understanding. It looks as though the major null will be SE from our QTH making Switzerland and Italy difficult.


GU3XTZ/P, GU3YXM/P and GU0MRF on 136; and GU0MRF on 73k (David has no /P because he had to register the activity so as to use 73k). That's all I think..... Last peek at e-mail before we get over there will be late on Thursday night.