VE1ZZ received at G3NYK.

Here is a screen grab from Spectrogram taken at 2305. It reads " - E 1 Z Z V E 1 Z Z". The gif compression makes it slightly harder to read than it really was!

as received at G3NYK

Alan reports...

I used 750msecs and averaging of 5. What is more, I tried at 2330z, 2400z and 2430z, to receive with the time scale set at 300msecs and could not get readable copy. There was just too much noise and a smearing of the elements. Once I set the averaging back to 5 and timescale to 750 I got perfect copy on the first dot as Jack came on smack on schedule (by the CEEFAX Clock) at 0130. I finished with almost 3 complete callsigns (one Z short) on the screen. To my mind this shows how important the correct form of averaging is for noise reduction on QRSS. In theory it seems too slow for 9sec dashes, but it works!

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