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First "Jason" QSO.

I knew Wolf was going to try some tests with the new "Jason" mode today so I left the PC running Jason in receive mode whilst I went out to the shops. When I got back at about 1400 there was a lot of gibberish and some clear messages on the screen.

The first "Jason" QSO

You can see a couple of callsigns followed by a break (more gibberish) then a CQ call (more gibberish) then a test call.

When I saw that on the screen I didn't know how long ago the message had been sent so I just sent "DF0WD de G3YXM K" and waited. Quite quickly Wolf replied (after the three spurious quote-marks) and you can see that the decoding of his signal is letter-perfect. I could hear the signal on the speaker but there were strong bursts of noise which would have made CW very hard to copy.

I replied with the "O" (QRSS parlance) and "100%" reports and got the thanks back with just one error (repeated "R" in Alberto) with the noise getting worse all the time.

The times on the screen where you get several repeated characters are when transmission is handed over and there was no signal to receive.

The QSO as seen above took an hour to complete!

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