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-UA9OC / ZL reception


Over the period March 11-16 2003 Ed Lesnichy (UA6LA) and others activated Asiatic Russia from a 230m tower near Novosibirsk.

They tried some tests with ZL6QH, Quartz Hill club station near Wellington, and reception was possible in both directions. Unfortunately no QSO took place.

part of the "9" then "OC"

First indictations were good. Here is Bob ZL2CA's screen grab at 1545 UTC on the 13th, in grid square RE78IR, showing a very clear QRSS120 signal from UA9OC as received in ZL (with Argo set for QRSS60).

"Q" from ZL6QH

Later in the week at UA9OC, signals from ZL6QH were detected. This shot was taken at 1830 on the 14th. You can just make out some DFCW near the centre of the screen.

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