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-UA9OC works M0BMU


The "C" of UA9OC

The shot above was taken by the grabber at midnight during the QSO between M0BMU and UA9OC. Unfortunately Argo was set to 10 second mode and UA9OC was using 30 second dots so we only get a "C" from UA9OC's transmission on the screen. Jim, M0BMU, was VERY loud of course.

Jim's copy

This is Jim's reception of UA9OC giving his "M" report.

M0BMU received by UA9OC

Here is Jim's signal as received at UA9OC. You can see (end of) "O BMU" I've compressed the jpeg a little for space reasons so it doesn't look as clear as the original.

UA9OC gives report to OH5UFO and IK5ZPV

Some confusion ensues on Saturday night when UA9OC gives OH5UFO and IK5ZPV a report in the same transmission. Here we can see OH5UFO replying whilst Ed is still sending Valerio's report. I hope he got it OK! The screen shot is from M0BMU.

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