UA9OC Report


(1320z, 20 Mar, 2003) DXpedition's Report

MAR 10
19z (0100 local time) Vic UA9OC and Ed RU6LA have arrived in MO94TK,
abt 220km from Novosibirsk to South-West (on a bad winter road abt
330km), nr village of Dovolnoe (in translation "Pleased" ;-)) to South
abt 5km
Co-ordinates abt 54 29' N   79 39'E (Dovolnoe)
Temperature abt -25 C
AVG SunSet 1230z   SunRise 0100z

MAR 11
Temperature by day -3..5 C, very sunny, thickness of snow 0.5...1m
Have begun to do BigVertical II and by 15z finished the 2km Beverage to Eu.
On TS-850 S-meter without ATT and preselector (1IF 500Hz, 2IF 250Hz
filters) at 17z DCF39/Noise S 9+10dB/ 1-2 - excellent!
Night of Mar 11-12 - best propagation under DXpedition's times ;-((
Since 17z saw on Argo:
RU6LWZ O FB in 3s mode (2904km)
1800z first DX - OH5UFO O FB in 10s mode (3303km)
1940z DK1IS O in 30s mode (4493km)
2100z OK1DTN - O in 3s mode!!! (4214km)
UA6LV is possible manages on the phone to us - I ask to give the
message in DXcluster abt OH5UFO DK1IS OK1DTN signals in MO94TK
2130z M0BMU - O in 10s mode (5047km)
later M0BMU O in 30s mode
I saw also some weak signals (not identified)

MAR 12
10z finished Big Vertical II
ANT current 3-3,5A with 60-80w Output
But technical problems till MAR 13 (not amateur radio ;-((
We give periodically short signals (push key)
Not able to do the 120s Beacon test for ZL ;-((
Since 16z RA9MB O in 3-10s mode
Periodically we give "UA9OC K" in 10s mode
2320z QSO RA9MB O/O 10s mode (400km) - First UA-UA QSO more
100km distance in QRSS
I saw also some weak signals

MAR 13
0z RU6LWZ O/O First Europe-Asia QSO and first UA9-UA Eu in QRSS
0030 UA6LO O/O
1300z DCF39/N S 7/4
1430 - 1830z beacon QRSS120 137.700 ("UA9OC")
19z RA9MB O/O agn
Periodically we give "UA9OC K" in 10/30s mode
2000z DCF39/N S 9/4
2350z DCF39/N S 9+5dB /4
I saw also some weak signals

MAR 14
0020z DCF39/N S 9+10dB/2
0130z           7/1
1330 finished abt 2km Beverage to ZL
1330 nill on 137.700
1430 send "NN" for ZL6QH nil
1530 QRSS120 "UA9OC"
1740-1830 M copy ZL6QH (.6Q...) (13870km?)
Bob ZL2CA info abt co-ordinates ZL6QH:
174 degrees 41 minutes 46 seconds East
41 degrees 15 minutes 10 seconds South
This is RE79IG in my soft ??
I have no the Internet and communicate on HF with UA6LV

Periodically we give "UA9OC K" in 10/30s mode
2130 IK5ZPV O/O 10s mode - not S (4919km) First UA9-I
2200 DCF39/N S 7-8/3
2300             9/2

MAR 15
0050 M0BMU O/M 30s mode First UA9-G and best UA's distance
0120 RU6LWZ 559/559 First Europe-Asia and UA9-UA Eu in CW
0130 UA6LV  559/449
1430 QRSS120 "NN" for ZL6QH nil
Periodically we give "UA9OC K" in 30s mode
1900 DCF39/N  S 9/1-2
2000            7/1-2
2135 QSX 136/3.5 UA9ZAG 559/599 NO30BR

MAR 16
abt 0000z IK5ZPV O/O 30s mode (1:2 dot:dash)
0000z  OH5UFO O/M 30s first UA9-OH
0115z DCF39/N S 4-5/2
We dismantle Beverages and Big Vertical II
Abt 10z we have gone away to Novosibirsk

My conclusions:
- at good propagation (as was March 11-12) it is possible to carry out
QSO EU-AS at QRSS10 with 1w ERP (distance abt 5000km)

- at average propagation the longest the signal is observed is about 2 hours
up to SunRise - it is not enough for long QRSS and at a usual QSO format

- it is necessary to work QRSS30 QSX not less 3Hz (for DX)

- in QRSS30 between stations should be not less 0.5Hz (for DX and at good
stability). How many it was necessary in Europe?

- to begin TX it is necessary only after dash + 1 or 2 dot of a pause
(after ending TX of your correspondent, if not another is stipulated
beforehand - see long QSO format)

- at different ERP(my abt 10-20w and other 1w, for example), more
powerful station should work shorter QRSS. But how it to inform the
Can give at QRSS30(for example) the report OA (O in 10 - 1 step down) or
OW(O in 3 - 2 step down)?
And other party passes in 10 or 3. Any idea?

- for long QRSS(30-120) it is necessary to change a QSO format.
It was necessary ~ so (on an example UA9OC-ZL6QH QRSS120):
Mar 12-13
Mar 14
1230-1410z ZL6QH ZL6QH (QH)
1430-1524 MMM or NNNN  (OC)
1530-1620 MMMMM or ZL6QH if OC NNNN(QH)
1630-1720 RRR or NNNN (OC)
1730-1820 RRRRRR or GGGGG (Go AGN? ?? for DFCW) (QH)
Mar 15
1230-1325 EEEEEEEE (OC)
I.e. to apply 1 hour periods TX/RX and no need to send any callsign
after the first over, they can be identified by their frequency once
the QSO is established.
At QRSS30 it is possible to apply 20-30 minute periods
What will tell about such Long QRSS QSO format?

- it is necessary to use DFCW, but thus to increase a site between
I can not work DFCW (FSK F1) - in my license only A1 ;-((

TNX all who informed me about our signal and give me beacon tests !

Let's meet all in our next LF UA6-activites and DXpeditions !

LF UA9OC Special QSL Info (special QSL-card for 1 and 2-way QSO) :
Ed Lesnichy
P.O. Box 1
TAGANROG, 347900

73! Ed  RU6LA















The big vertical.