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-ZL6QH reception reports

Mike, KB6WFC in Daly City CA got his reception of ZL6QH using his IC735 and an active whip antenna. The IC735 has lots of separate crystal oscillators and drifts all over the place (I know, I've got one!) so the trace is a little wobbly. Mike was using CW mode, which is LSB on the Icom, so the Qs are "upside down" ie the dots are at the top on this, his best grab.  

ZL6QH as received in Daly City

Laurence, KL1X, got very impressive reception from his QTH near Anchorage Alaska. This is probably the best DX for this test. You can see the very deep QSB on this grab below.

ZL6QH as received in Anchorage

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