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The spectrogram grab of 136kHz News archive for 2003 LF News from 2002 All about the Atlas 180 / 210 transceivers All the LF news from 2001 The LF news of 2000 The Portable activity notice board The G3YXM LF logbook. Go mobile on LF.... yes really! Diaries of my /P operation. Including the I.O.M. trip. Pictures from many 136k stations Find out who-worked-what-first on LF Many interesting articles Build a TX for LF. 2 designs. Download some useful free software. some advice on getting going on LF WWW links to other lowfer sites 1999's news.. a historical document! The way in to the news archives Enter the world of 136 and 73kHz The famous Throbbatron 500W 160/80 Mosfet amp. Build a simple 160/80 mag loop All you need to know about HF mobile The circuits page Other Pick family sites